The DCM sound system has grown from humble beginnings back when we would rent a nice compact Bose system from a local DJ. It sounded clean, but lacked the low end frequencies we craved. So over the course of 7 years, we've steadily build our own system from the ground up. Today we use a Turbosound system. It consists of six IQ15 Speakers and four IQ18B subwoofer to cover the dance floor. Our DJ booth monitors consist of two IQ15 speakers. We use a Pioneer DJM-900NX2 Mixer in the DJ booth, and we control the surround sound speakers using a Midas MR18 Tablet-controlled Digital Mixer. All of this gear plugs into professional power conditioners for a pure clean signal. The system gets setup and broken down for each event by our dedicated volunteer staff. 


In this day and age of MP3s, we often hear djs playing out using 320 kbps. At home or on an IPhone that's acceptable. However, we encourage our DJs to play on our sound system using uncompressed files like AIFF or WAV, or at least ALAC or FLAC. We worked really hard to build a sound system we could be proud of, and we like to hear it at its best. And yes, we definitely can hear and feel a major difference between a 320 MP3 and a WAV file. If you're a DJ wanting to play for DCM, start building a crate with higher quality audio files. When you blow up and start touring festivals and big night clubs your loyal fans will thank you! We hope to see you on our dance floor or in our DJ booth in the near future.