Dance Church Maui

a Sacred & Sober Dance Community




Dance Church Maui is no longer holding events. After 7 years providing some of the finest conscious dance events on Maui, we’ve decided to end this chapter. Thank you everyone who came and supported this event. We love you.

Started in 2012 by Mikaya Swabb, Dance Church Maui provided a safe all-ages dance floor to stretch, move, and groove. It was our shared belief that by opening our hearts and expressing our unique intentions and prayers through dance, we would grow both individually and collectively.

We gathered at the Makawao Union Church Community Hall, usually on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month from 7:30pm to 10:30pm. We booked both local and international known DJs and Producers across a wide range of bass-heavy musical genres.

In keeping with Makawao Union Church rules, and to honor the presence of children, this was a substance free event. This was also to honor our rental agreement with the Makawao Union Church. Our temple guardians and volunteers made sure that attendees participated in our events while sober. 

Dance Church Maui shared no affiliation with any church or religion. A group of volunteers and dancers dedicated their time and energy to keeping this event going strong since 2012. We're both grateful for the opportunity we've had to produce this event, and sad that it has come to an end. May the spirit of DCM live on in other future conscious dance offerings on Maui.

dance It out

Sometimes it's difficult to break through blocked energy in our lives. To this we say, "Bring it!"  Through dance, we've seen and felt the breakthroughs and releases that lead to personal transformation. And we crave it.


Please do not talk on the dance floor.
Chatting outside the dance hall is much better.

give space

Be respectful of people's space when dancing. Check-in with them before initiating contact dance. Thank them if they decline with a smile. If they accept be aware of people dancing around you. Use your awareness to help keep everyone safe.


The DJ Booth

This is where the magic and creativity of our DJs shine. Dance Church Maui pays homage to the art of djing by booking professional DJs and Music Producers. We honor their talents by promoting them the way nightclubs and festivals do. We are proud to feature some of the finest electronic dance music producers and DJs from Maui and from across the world.


who's played recently?




David Starfire is a world-renowned producer/composer/multi-instrumentalist/DJ that is best known for blending world music with electronic music and his epic remixes. He reached #7 on the iTunes world music chart. Festival highlights include WMC, Coachella, Shambhala, Envision, Outside Lands, Symbiosis, Wakarusa and Lightning in a Bottle.

Listen to David Starfire




Plantrae roams the forests and detritus of modernity, crafting earthy beat music clearly evocative of its NW origin. Energetic and serenely beautiful, Plantrae’s sound threads a path between acoustic instrumentation, and exhilarating electronic production. Live viola at every show brings an undercurrent of indelible warmth to an already lush palette.

Listen to PLANTRAE



The music of AtYyA (Tyy Clark) features deep alluring basslines, mesmerizing percussive grooves, heart touching melodies, vast ethereal atmospheres, & raw sounds from our earth. The primary intention of the music of AtYyA is to connect the recipient to the feeling of profound happiness, boundless love, and ecstatic celebration for the gift of life we all share.

Listen to AtYyA