Dance Church Maui

Mahalo to our dancers, DJs, artists, and volunteers who transform our DCM space so that the beat can lift us up and break it down. We don't always take photos of our events, but when we do they look a little something like this....

Click on the photos below to view the complete image.

Dillard &
Bass Nymph

With Kundra's Opening Movement, 
Sarine Painting Faces and Melissa Painting a Green Goddess
Photos by Jerad Hobaugh

TRVR & Turtle

A Maui UBF Take-over of DCM
Photos by Zen Panda

[clever alias] & Bananaman

When Brackets and Bananas Collide
Photos by Zen Panda

DJ Sweets and KRÆKS

Beats, Buti Yoga, and Glow Paint Got Us Lit
Photos by Joey Sherrock